Are you looking for cost effective HR services that best suits your organization?

Cost Effective Solutions

Are you looking for cost effective HR services that best suits your organization?

In order for business of any sizes to be successful, they need to honestly focus on their core businesses. Mostly companies don’t have the resources to meet the rising demand of their HR workload. The best HR Outsourcing company provides its clients with a comprehensive HR services list. While the organization might have a sound employee relations strategy in place, they might need assistance handling the associated paperwork. The HR Experts can assess and satisfy your specific business needs. End-to-End HR service provider offer customized HR service packages for organizations of every size and budget. These services are designed to enhance your existing HR efforts, not to replace them. Consider us a helpful consultant who can also handle the overall HR Operations.

If in any case you are searching for getting best HR Services with minimum cost, you are at the right corner. APNA HR has a wide variety of HR services ranging from employee lifecycle management to payroll management. APNA HR is run by the experts backed with 30 years of industry experience. APNA HR has over 200 clients across industry. APNA HR has tailored the services for all scale of ranges from startups to large scale organizations.

APNA HR provides services like:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Expense & Benefits

APNA HR’s employee onboarding streamlines employee database management and helps to generate employee letter digital with little human interference. APNA HR’s employee lifecycle management helps the employer to completely digitalize and streamline activities pertaining to employees like leave management and payroll processing. We also have separate portals for employee grievances management to ensure a healthy and transparent working environment. Statutory compliance service of APNA HR handles all legal requirements of organization. APNA HR updates the employer about current labor and HR laws and suggests employer to take necessary steps to comply with updates laws. We have specialized services for PF and employee insurance management systems to ensure hassle free compliance with the law.

APNA HR provides FREE HR setup with designing policy development and compliant market driven salary structure. APNA HR also has free for letters generation services which lets you generate induction kits and offer letters at the click of a button. APNA HR provides best in class services with prices starting as low as Rs 399 per employee per month. APNA HR is one stop destination that provides all HR services with also providing the options for customization of the services at the same time being cost effective.

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