Employee Letter Generation


It is a tedious task to create various letters that are essential during the different stages of the employees career. Creating such letters can lead to diversion of essential human efforts which can else be used for organisational growth. Here, ApnaHR can help you with the creation of all the types of letter and lessen your burden.

There are different types of letters which are necessary to give to the employees because all of them serve a particular purpose. The very first letter is the offer letter. Offer letter consists of various crucial details which if fine with the employee, he/she is required to send an acceptance. The details consists of the basic information regarding the profile of the employee, salary structure, compensation, etc. ApnaHR will study in detail about your organisation and assist you in making the offer letters just the way you are looking forward to create for your employees.

The next important letter is the appointment letter which is the next step in the interaction between the employer and the employee. Since the style and the format with which the letter can create a first impression in the minds of the employees, we at ApnaHR takes enough steps to make sure that your first impression is worth it.

Some employees even ask for recommendation letter when they are about to leave the organisation and join a new one. In this case, it is important for the organisation to fulfil the need of the employee and give him the recommendation letter. Even here, ApnaHR can be a helping hand for you so that your organisation can focus on the main activities that helps you grow.

The final letter which signals the end of the employee’s life in that organisation is the relieving letter. This is a formal letter issued by an employer to a past employee that clearly states that the person has no left dues with the organisation. This letter includes the time period the person has shared with the organisation and all the necessary details.

ApnaHR can help you create all the letters important and lessen your burden and can assist you in the making of the letters in a professional way.

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