Crack Interview like a boss

Interview Tips

Crack Interview like a boss

Interview is the most important part in the hiring process therefore preparation beforehand to succeed in it is necessary.  All candidates have dreamt about the job that pays you well and get immense job satisfaction. But that only going to happen if you crack the job interview.

Here are a few tips on how you can crack the interview like a boss:

  1. Research about the company

In these days finding about an organization is not a huge task.  Go through the valuable information about the organization including the history, Product and services, Mission and Vision from company website or from social media.

  • Go through the Job description

Must read the job description very carefully. Once you have a good understanding of what the employer is looking for, you can match up your skills with their needs. It is better to prepare an example story of how you used each particular trait in the previous positions.

  • Know Your Resume

Most interviewers will use resume as a platform for questions to review your skills and experience. It is recommended to know the resume from start to finish and make sure you can speak well about all the facts in it.

  • Keep Your Documents in Order

It is important to place the documents and certificates in the right order a day before the interview. Just cross check all the documents the interviewer asked is available in the file. It is good to arrange them by placing the latest one in the top and oldest one in last.

  • Dress Properly

Successful Job interview depends upon how you present yourself, Hence it is necessary to dress properly. Always good to be in Business professional outfit for any interview. Dressing properly will boost your inner confidence and carry yourself well.

  • Practice

Plenty of sources are available in the internet where you can find out the expected question and answers for the interview. Go through them once and try to role play an interview with your friends or family members which will help you to find your mistakes.

  • Be Punctual

Being Punctual shows your respect to others, your personality and work ethic. Get the correct interview location. If the interview is scheduled on the peak hours make sure to leave home early to avoid the traffic block and always plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • Be Confident

Employees like to hire people who are confident. Always keep an eye contact while listening and speaking, follow open body position while standing and sitting, keep a smiling face throughout the interview and also not forget to talk slowly and clearly.

  • Be Honest

Being honest about what you can and cannot do on the job is beneficial to you in the long run. Claiming to have done something on the resume that never did, is small and insignificant but lies can quickly turn into more lies. So, just be safe and be honest

  1. Prepare yourself with good questions

Asking relevant questions to in interviewer will show the candidate’s interest. Be prepared with questions like the current project company dealing with, skill and experience they look for an ideal candidate. Make sure that communication is professionally and friendly

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