Tips you should follow in a Resume

Resume Tips

Tips you should follow in a Resume

It doesn’t matter if you are a Newbie to the industry or a Professional working for years, resume is a document which maintain important records of your career. Employers consider resume all the time till the hiring process is over, so they get to know more about the applicant. Resume is a self-explanatory document which depicts your Qualifications, Skills, and Activeness of your Personality which reflects your capability. So you should make sure your resume stands-out in thousands of other resumes.

Let’s checkout few tips on how you can showcase your capability and skill in your resume:

  • Resume Format-

Make sure you use a resume format, unorganized or unstructured resume makes the reader or employer confused. Validate to keep 0.5 margin, Font size between 10 to 12, Use punctuation marks & break-up text with bulletins, Make use of Bold, Italic, & Underline to highlight the heading points.

  • Write in brief-

Your resume is a short promotional piece of yourself. Always follow this Mantra ’You have 15-20 sec to Shine’, it means try to limit your resume in one page also Short, Simple & Precise. Highlight more on accomplishments / achievements & skill set.

  • Chronological Order –

While writing your work experience, always write it in reverse chronological order i.e. present or recent job first.

  • Use Active Voice –

Active language should be used while writing a resume, meaning more of powerful words to attract if the information’s are too long. Consider making sentences more concise with the help of active language.

  • Remove Objective Statement –

It is totally Out of Fashion, it was only necessary when you make a huge or total change in career change. In current modern resume style you can directly dive into achievements & work experience.

  • Avoid False Information’s –

In this advanced world, misinformation is just easy to be verified in just few clicks or call. False information can ruin your reputation and it becomes a bad remark for your future.

  • Use Professional Email –

Cryptic email addresses like ‘’ or ‘’ are very much unprofessional. Email addresses which consist your name is acceptable like ‘’ or ‘’.

  • Grammar On-check –

Make sure to proofread and avoid grammatical errors, check spellings & sentence construction.

So now you know how to ace your first impression i.e. ‘Resume’ and what all points you need to keep in mind while writing & formatting your resume. It is important how you’re Resume looks and how much information is more important to the hiring manager. You can always approach someone professional for help to make your first impression potential.

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