Impact of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Impact of Employee Engagement

What are the things that comes to your mind thinking of the term Employee Engagement?

  • Boost employees for 100% commitment towards work with the help of Recognition, Rewards and Appreciation.
  • Urging employees to communicate with each and every employee to build strong & smooth relation.
  • Motivation and friendly communication influence to increase level of efforts in work.

If these are the points that you imagine then you are on the right track. Sometimes, Human Resource Managers tend to forget the benefit, importance and the impact of what Employee Engagement can do. As a result, though Employee Engagement is considered great but the managers lack in its implementation. This can anguish both employees and the organisation, if the employees are not emotionally attached and committed to their work a drastic fall in company performance is visible. To give employee moral support to work harder execution of employee engagement is must.

Let’s get to know more about how impactful is Employee Engagement:

  1. Employee engagement can increase productivity of the company. The first step to productive workforce is engaging employees. If the employees find their work meaningful & satisfied with what they do then it is a positive sign of engaged employee.
  2. As the employees are happy with the work place and giving 100% performance in the work, naturally there will be an increase in revenue. When the employee enjoys working, they unintentionally put full efforts to achieve the goal.
  3. In a way you are improving customer service with engaging employees. Engaged employees tend to be happier, friendly and attentive. They try to put company’s best face forward.
  4. Continuous or repeated absenteeism is a result of displeasure & detachment towards work, which can definitely hamper work productivity. Improvising & implementing Holiday policies, wellness programs and proper work-life balance in a way reduces absenteeism.
  5. No doubt retention rate of employees increases with better employee engagement because employees joins a company with some expectations and if the expectation is not matched it is hard to retain employee. Retaining an employee can also help the company save money from hiring and training.
  6. Engaging an employee can make them emotionally attached to their work which in a way makes them to be loyal towards the company. Employee tend to devote themselves to perform their 100% which in some way company gets better quality of work.
  7. Employees get positive vibes to work in the company which makes them highly engaged. With a proper employee engagement they get motivation and positivity for which they become creative & bring innovative ideas for the company.

In order to create Effective Engagement, you need to adopt a clear and competitive mindset.

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