Importance of HR Department in Organization

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Importance of HR Department in Organization

Human Resources is a department which is present in every organization wither it may be an multinational company or it may be an start up. HR department plays a vital role in every kind of organization. The human resource department has the ability to manage the most vital and valued resources of a company. Without a proper working HR division a company would not be able to get a high level of effectiveness and employees management. HR professionals are one of the important assets of the company as they are responsible for getting the most out of the companies employees. The reason why HR department is important in an organization is because of the challenges faced by them. One of the organization who has mastered the art of HR is Team Management Services. TMS is an HR outsourcing company who is responsible for caring out all the responsibly of the clients organization. TMS has been in this field since 15years and have a team of experts to handle clients HR department.

The importance of HR in any organization is vast as they have to carry out a variety of operation in the company. These operations are complex and are better of done by experts as they can directly affect the growth of the company. Hence it makes sense to outsource the HR department to an expert firm like TMS. Challenges and important tasks carried out by HR professionals in an organization are listed below :-

Recruitment Process

The reason why the HR department is essential is because they look after the recruitment requests of the organization. HR department usually looks after the recruitment process which includes interviewing the candidate and the full selection process of the selected candidate.

New hire on-boarding

Apart from the recruitment process of looking for relevant candidates the job of the HR department does not stop there. HR professionals also schedule and plan the induction process of the new hires.

Keep Employees Grounded

The work of HR department does not end after hiring and getting the new employees settled into their roles and responsibilities. They are continuously working to develop the value of work life by making and applying programs and rules such as personal and annual leave, food coupon services and other various incentive chances.

Employee Management

Keeping employees grounded by keeping employee satisfaction, employment engagement and even maintaining workplace atmosphere is another responsibility of the HR department

Training And Development

Training and development is one of the many ways to increase the employee engagement in an organization. Continuing the education of established employees and constantly improving their skills and knowledge is the responsibility of the HR department.


The HR department looks after the employees database which includes all of the information an organization needs on any employee. Personal information such as employee’s contract numbers, job duties, other records and performance assessments are all being handled by the HR department.

Legal compliance

Legal compliance relates to different labour laws which is the duty of the HR department. This includes of informing all employees about the union and state laws on information like minimum wages of the employee, overtime, Lunch time and other types of discriminations.

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