Automating Employee Lifecycle Management

Employee Lifecycle Mgmt

Automating Employee Lifecycle Management

Human Resources is the main aspect of an organization, managing the day to day activity from On-boarding to Exit management of every employee. The department is responsible for managing the employee resources and organizing all the other departments of the company. Employees Lifecycle is the overall journey of staffs which is taken care by an HR but if we think about their daily work it is hectic and human errors are meant to happen. As we are progressing in a Digitized world we can simply think of automating all the HR activities as it has started occupying HR Industry. Transforming Employee Lifecycle digitally reduces resistance & deliver strong results to all the employees, making it engaging and automated.

Key factor of Automating HR Activity which improves Employee Lifecycle Management:

  • It eliminates time-consumption in on-boarding operations.
  • Provide hassle-free on-boarding to new recruits & get through customized workflow.
  • Reduces Manual Paperwork inconvenience, saves cost and helping new employees start real work in quick time.
  • With Automation there will be Portal which will handle all the database of employees & manage attendance automatically according to the Biometric machine reading or by the data inserted.
  • Payroll processing can be tough, automation can help process smoothly, calculate accurately, Efficient working, time saving and get error-free Payroll Records.
  • Employee Lifecycle Automation can help regulate and implement specific trainings, upgrades skill and performance records.
  • Automated leave system simplifies approving leaves for employee with proper calculation of leave balance & can check the remaining leaves accordingly.
  • Automated HR portals provides auto-generated Payslip in a systemised way on their emails every month without any hassle or delay.
  • Employee Exit is usually a critical job, there are so much to take care of while off-boarding. HR have to see to it that the employees hand over all the essential documents, company account credentials, ID cards, company assets, etc. The possibility to forget things to be collected from employee or due to simple miscommunication can cause a huge mistake, especially when several departments are connected for this process. Automation can makes it easy to record the details at one place with easy access to all.

Today’s modern work style, complex employee lifecycles and frequent role transitions often result to troublesome manual processes which affects company’s core systems. Automation in HR Process can help them control, engage and retain top quality employees which is a good feature & necessity for every organizations smooth working.

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