Experience the Smooth Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Experience the Smooth Attendance Tracking

For a company to grow and prosper in its domain of expertise, it is an essential process to track the employee attendance. Traditionally, tracking employees was through manual registration then it shifted to punching cards, later to modern access cards and now bio-metric systems are in use.  The shift in use was to get the accurate tracking of the employee attendance. With that it also ensures smooth & efficient operations. Without a system at place, the company has to face payroll errors and non-compliance issues. Replacing Manual Operations with latest technology saves the time, money and thereby decreases manual errors.

Attendance tracking is a process to accurately track the employee working hours, login, breaks, departures and logout time. Unfortunately, this process happens only on the last day/ week of the month or right before they turn in time-sheets to HR to release the Pay. This results in inaccuracies and tampering of the time-sheet and thereby taking a huge toll on employee morale and productivity. In order to prevent such worst scenarios, many companies have availed the option of using latest technology and outsource the operations. Attendance & Payroll Management has simplified the lengthy and complex calculations involved in computing overtime and variable pay components which otherwise were very time-consuming and in most of the cases, the chances of discrepancy were high.

Professional HR Agency can make sure that the attendance management is done in such a way that it won’t disturb the policies and company culture and can be customized as per organizational needs. With the cloud-based system, anyone can easily at any time monitor the presence and absence of the staff. The efficient attendance system brings commitment and professionalism to the workplace along with punctuality. It also generates goodwill among the employees. The evolution of such Professional HR Service Provider has cut down the hassles of the traditional modes of employee tracking.

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