Free HR setup for your customized HR requirement – Apna HR

Apna HR provides Free HR Setup customized for your business needs that would save you lakhs of rupees.



HR Policies

We design and develop customized HR policies that suit every business requirement. Policies such as Onboarding, Time & Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Discipline, Statutory Compliances, Expense Claim, Employee Engagement, Health and Benefits, Company Assets and many more are covered in Apna HR’s Free HR Policy Setup.


HR Letter Formats

Apna HR will setup standard HR Letter Formats customized to your organization’s need such as Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Induction Kit, Increment Letter, Confirmation Letter,  Warning Letter, Experience Letter, Transfer Letter, Termination Letter and so on.


Compliant and Market Driven Salary Structure 

Our Hr experts help you design and implement a compliant and business focused employee Salary Structure that is up to the Market Standards and helps your firm get a competitive advantage in the same.


Organization Structure Designing

A growth-oriented Organization structure is a must for any Organization that wishes to prosper. Apna HR designs the same for your firm with its Expert knowledge and vast experience dealing with various clients from multiple industries.

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